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About Us

Shri Dhanvantri aarogya aushadhi kendra is an execellent ayurvedic treatment center in holy city Varanasi.Banaras(Varanasi) has blessed by Hindu god of Ayurveda,incarnated himself as a king of Varanasi an taught medicine to a group of physicians including shushruta.Ayurveda therapies have varried and evolved over more than two millenia.

Shri Dhanvantri aarogya aushadhi kendra is dedicated to establish authentic and value based practice of Ayurveda and make it affordable for all.

A team of very experienced and excellent doctor works with Dhanvantri Arogya Aushadhi Kendra .

Shri Dhanvantri aarogya aushadhi kendra has an expert panel of ayurvedic doctors headed by Dr S.S.Gupta

Shri Dhanvantri aarogya aushadhi kendra is giving you a golden opportunity to connect with nature ,perhaps you will not want to sing it.

It is our goal that we sholud be at the forefront of the Indian when the whole world welcome Ayurved.

As we know that the whole world is running towards Ayurveda but we want that the Indian remain in the forefront and keep their heritage alive.

Meet Our Directors

Dr S.S.Gupta

Liver & Stomach Diseases Specialist
BAMS(AR) Allahabad MDEH(NGPMS) DDC-H, FPS,(IMS BHU), C-TYS-C BHU, Ex- Medical Officer PW Hospital Varanasi.

Swawlamban India Ltd
Founder - Shri Dhanvantri Aarogya Aushadhi Kendra

Dr R.K.Gupta

Swawlamban India Ltd
CO-Founder - Shri Dhanvantri Aarogya Aushadhi Kendra.

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